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Exiled Secrets-is a personality-rating community. We will judge you based on your intelligence, your opinions, and your ability to present them in a persuasive and thoughtful manner. You may ask questions or debate with others, but please try to maintain a friendly environment. When you apply, you may include pictures of yourself, but will not be rated upon them.

1. To join, fill out the application and post it.
2. Place your application behind an lj-cut and bold the questions.
3. You have 72 hours to post your application after joining. If you don't post in the appropriate time you'll be deleted.
4. If you are rejected, you may reapply again in a week. If you are rejected a second time, you may not reapply.
5. Do not go to the mod's journals and post comments regarding the community -- it's rude and annoying to see that in our personal space.
6. Put "no more blood for oil" in the subject line so the mods know you've read the rules.
7. A mod will stamp you accepted or rejected after 48 hours. If we haven't yet stamped you, don't post asking us to -- you'll get an auto-reject. We do have lives, and we'll try to get things done as soon as we can.
8. You cannot comment on any entry except your own until you are stamped. Replying to comments on your app is okay, as long as you are respectul to the members.

1. If you decide to make a new post or comment on an entry, please stick to the general subject.
2. No promotions of other communities, please.
3. If you're going to leave the community, make a post telling us this so we can remove you from the members list.
4. As a stamped member, it's your job to be active in the community by voting on new applications. If you don't vote for over a month, you'll be removed.
5. If you are going to be away for a month or longer, please make a post letting us know so we don't remove you.
6. When voting on an app, put your vote either in the subject line, or in bold in the comment. If you do not do this, your vote will not count.
7. Explain your answer as best you can, don't just put a "." to fill up the box. If you do this, your vote will not be counted. Try to explain a little bit of your reasoning to the applicant when voting.

1. Bad grammar and net speak wll get you "no" votes.
2. Answer the questions honestly; don't pretend to be someone you're not.
3. Put effort into your application. We can tell how much time you spent on it, so don't try to finish it in five seconds.
4. Make sure you're as clear as possible, especially in the "Views" section, where your rating will focus.
5. Don't delete any comments to your post (whether they are the stamped members' comments or your own).
6. Don't delete your application after you post it, even if you are getting a lot of "no" votes. Not only does it make you look bad, it's a waste of our members' time.
7. Skipping over questions, giving one-word answers, or saying "I don't know" doesn't look good. If you don't have information on a certain topic, take the time to look it up.

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